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Founder of Yamaguchien, Hitomi

I grew up in a family that have been running a teashop in Fukuoka since 1951. My dad loved serving green tea to his guests using perfect brewing techniques. It made me feel warm and welcome.

In 2003, I had my own shop in Mawson and imported green tea to Australia. Then in 2011, I founded Yamaguchien Australia, based in Canberra. My life in Canberra revolves around tea.

Ever since they were little, I baked my sons’ favourite Matcha cake for birthdays. Having a strong cup of green tea in the morning always made me feel at ease. I just simply love it!

I hope many more Australians will discover the sweetness, bitterness and beautiful aroma of green tea. It not only has a distinct flavour but also has remarkable antioxidants and amazing natural nutritional properties.

Hitomi Li

Yamaguchien Australia