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  • Green Tea Types

    "Green Tea" (Ryokucha) is more commonly referred to as simply "Tea" (Ocha) or even as Japanese Tea (Nihoncha). The methods in which we distinguish between the varying types of tea involves identifying the quality of the plant used as well as taking into consideration how they are processed. There are large variations in both price and quality within these broad categories. The best “Japanese Tea” is said to be that from the Yame region of Fukuoka prefecture, Uji region of Kyoto and Shizuoka.
  • Recipes

    Enjoy the many benefits with Matcha sweets!
  • Green Tea Roll Cake

    Perfect healthy afternoon tea!

    Share with your family and friends!

  • Green Tea Ice Cream

    Try our cooking grade matcha to make your own green tea ice cream at home!

    Treat family and friends to some delicious Matcha ice cream!

  • Green Tea Pound Cake

    Elegant and simple!

    Our cooking grade Matcha powder is great for baking as well as drinking!

  • Green Tea Cookies

    Have you ever had matcha cookies?

    These are cookies that taste amazing and healthy for you!

  • Health Benefits

    Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves therefore contains the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols.